Inspiration From The Natural History Museum

Is it strange to be a natural history geek as well as a creative, crafty geek? I don’t think so. During a visit to London’s Natural History Museum yesterday, after making my usual beeline for the Earth Sciences Section, I found inspiration upon inspiration for texture and colour in the form of fossils, minerals and rock formations.


This is called the “Sunday Stone” which formed in a coal mine in Tyneside during the 17th century. The visible stripes show the days the mine was worked, as coal dust would settle onto the ground and then be layered into the rock. How amazing is that? And wouldn’t it be fantastic to weave a piece in natural colours, based on this series of stripes?


This Ripple Slab is thought to be 200 million years old, and clearly defines the ripples of the sea on shallow sand and mud (plus a honking great dinosaur footprint!). The use of a heavyweight, chunky yarn together with finer yarns could re-create this effect on the loom.

And then colour….

If I could manage to capture any of these colour combinations and patterns on the loom, I’d be a happy weaver!