Is "BLOG-GUST" a Thing?

It’s a funny thing you know, writing a blog: there are so many times in my week when I think “ooh, I’ll write about that” and then Life interferes and you end up 3 or 4 weeks later with no post and too much to possibly remember!

The other discussion I’ve been having with myself of late is whether or not to include details of my other hobbies and yarn-related pastimes, and I’ve finally decided that yes I will, so please don’t be surprised to see pictures and chat of things other than weaving 😊

I suppose the biggest thing that has happened since I last wrote was my travelling to Bristol to the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2019 on July 8th. I must confess that I was apprehensive about going right up to the last minute - I’m not a great one for pomp and ceremony, and for two pins would’ve happily called in sick and stayed at home…. However, I put on my big girl pants and took myself along. I wish I could say that I had been nervous unnecessarily, but sadly ‘twas not the case, and I just couldn’t relax the entire day. What made things worse - and slightly other-worldly - was that there were no other knitters present. These days I’m simply not used to going somewhere where people don’t pull out their knitting at the first possible opportunity. I did find a friend though - another lovely crafter who felt similarly anxious to me, so we spent most of the day together drinking tea and avoiding eye contact with everyone else - I know, I know, that’s not the idea in these type of situations but it is what it is! The winners were announced at 5 pm, and I didn’t win my category. I am, however, quite proud to have been shortlisted, and in a funny sort of way, grateful for the whole experience.

Here are a few pics from the day, including some views from our hotel window the evening we arrived….

I’m busy at the loom (as always) with July’s Alchemy Blanket, which is coming along beautifully. I’m going to be overlapping by a day or two into August, but I’ve spoken to the Blanket Mama and she is fine with that (phew!). The classes at Tribe Yarns have been fabulous, mostly because I’m teaching more Class 2s and 3s now, so I’m becoming firm crafting friends with my students, who are now demanding further classes through the Autumn. They are all - without exception - lovely ladies (no men yet, but I’m told one gentleman has signed up for the September class!). We have such an enjoyable time, and they are genuinely in love with what they create which is, after all, the best a teacher could ask, is it not?

I’ve also been sewing a little more these past few weeks - but more of that another time, which leads me onto….

IS BLOG-GUST A THING?!!!! I’ve been inspired by watching Jooles’ Sew Sweet Violet vlogs for July, and I’m now thinking of writing a blog entry every day through August. What do you think? I have SO MUCH in the way of crafting and lifestyle that I would love to share, so I think I’m going to give it go….

Until August 1st then, dear friends….

With hugs

Nicky xx

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