The Night Before....

It’s the evening of 31st May 2019, and in a relatively few hours, I’ll be switching the profile setting to “Public” on my very own website.


I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves, with a huge dose of “Imposter Syndrome” thrown into the mix: What on earth am I thinking? Why would anyone want to look at an entire website about me and my work? Will everyone think I’m just some upstart who thinks she can play in the Big Playground?

But then I remind myself of the friends and supporters who have encouraged me to move forward with my weaving; of the large number of people who have already commissioned/purchased my work and have been totally thrilled with it; and, I suppose most importantly, of the joy that I get when creating a new piece of fabric. I love to do this. I love manipulating yarn and fabric on a loom to produce, well, anything that I like. I want to do more and more of this work, and bring more people to know and love the possibilities available when working with a simple rigid heddle loom. I want to be able to use scraps and leftovers to make beautiful textiles; to make pieces of fabric that contain stories of individual yarn purchases - from shows and festivals, for friends, from friends, and maybe even using yarn from loved ones who are no longer with us.

The principle idea of the website is for me to keep the blog - to write about my weaving adventures and possibilities, and to share my love of fibre and passion for colour and texture. I’m hoping to add a section for weaving tips and hints in the not too distant future. For anyone interested in either attending a class or even organising a workshop, there are some ideas in the Class pages of how I might be able to help - please feel free to contact me. The Gallery page highlights some of my work from the last couple of years - a mixture of scarves, blankets, bags and cushions.

Then, of course, there is the Shop. As a one-woman band I am, of course, constrained by time in terms of how much I can produce. Everything is sourced and woven by me, therefore the shop will never be packed to the brim.. However, each time I put together a collection of pieces, or am able to take pre-orders for Alchemy Blankets (my most popular piece, without a doubt!), I will list the options in the Shop section of the website. I will also send out email notifications of the updates to those who wish to sign up on the form at the foot of the Home Page.

On June 1st - the day of publication - there will feature two sets of cushions in the shop, which I have been working on over the past month or so, plus three pre-order listings for Alchemy Blankets. I guess it remains to be seen what happens next…!

So here I am - at the point of no return maybe? Tomorrow morning I’m going to press the “Publish” button and hope for the best. If you’re reading this, then thank you for coming over to have a look, and I hope you enjoy browsing the website, or just keeping up to date with my creative endeavours.

Nicky x