Weaving Class III and New Student Forum on Facebook

Following a brilliant class on Sunday at Tribe Yarns, where the students learned how to create a simple lace pattern using a pick-up stick, it was suggested that some sort of group forum would be useful. We could then share projects, hints, problems and solutions, together with a mutual back-patting for our successes. In fact - my apologies - a mutual back-patting for ALL our work! There are weaving groups on Ravelry, but I don’t use that much these days, so I thought a Facebook group would be a good option. (Sadly there’s doesn’t appear to be an option for such a forum on my website.)

So we now have a Facebook Group!

It is snappily named “ClaraPeggoty Weaving - Student Forum” and is a closed group, so you have to click “Join” and then wait for me to “approve” you…. (don’t worry, there’s no exam). I think this is the link:


I’d really love to get all past and new students onto this (although I do appreciate that some people don’t use Facebook). It could potentially be a great way to share ideas.


So, back to Sunday’s class - this was the first Class 3 session I’ve taught, and it was lovely to get together with old friends from past groups. It was a brilliant atmosphere, despite the heat (thanks go to Milli for bringing us some ice cream!) and the draft I had designed specifically for this class went down pretty well. I loved hearing squeals of delight as everyone slowly saw the pattern emerging on their looms.

I also LOVED the fact that one of the girls (I shan’t mention names here) brought a linen scarf to show us - it being the second one she has made on her newly acquired rigid heddle! It was beautiful, and we were all duly impressed. It actually has given me quite the urge to weave one similar myself….

As pictures oft-times speak louder than words, here are a few examples of what the students achieved:

The time went so quickly that we didn’t have time for a practical demonstration of how to twist a fringe, but the handout I had written contained full instructions, so fingers crossed…

There is another Class III scheduled at Tribe Yarns but I’ve just checked and it’s fully booked! Oops! However, if demand is there, we will schedule another one in the Autumn. The latest Class I has also sold out, but there ARE two spots remaining in the Class II workshop on Sunday 21st July, if you’ve already attended Class I. It is preferable to do each of the classes in order, if for no other reason than to be able to warp your loom independently. And don’t forget, if wall-hangings aren’t your “thing”, there are a variety of other options for the fabric you will be creating…. this piece looks fabulous having been trimmed and mounted onto a piece of hardboard, then hung as a picture.


Finally, for anyone interested in having a go at weaving but has time or space constraints, I’m putting together details for a Frame Loom workshop down in Eastbourne on Saturday 24 August. I’ll do a separate post about it once I’ve finalised all the details, but it will most likely be a 10-4 pm workshop, to include tea, coffee and a buffet lunch….


That’s all for now, so wishing you all a pleasant evening, and happy crafting,

With warmest hugs


PS. Almost forgot to mention that I sent out my first newsletter this week too - if you’d like to receive future newsletters, which I hope will include course details, shop updates and weaving hints and tips, do subscribe so you won’t be left out!