I regularly work with Tribe Yarns at Richmond to offer a series of weaving classes, starting with complete beginner, and subsequently exploring slightly more intermediate techniques with classes 2 and 3. We use the Ashford 16” Rigid Heddle, using a 7.5 dpi reed - this makes it easy and fun for the students to bring their own scraps and leftovers of yarn.

The students are presented with a “naked” loom at the beginning of each class, and are guided through the warping process, before moving on to the more classic idea of weaving - throwing the weft. We discuss the different parts of the loom, and each student receives a handout which guides them on how to work out the length and width of the piece they wish to weave

The classes are informal and, more importantly, fun! It is extremely important that my students enjoy their weaving, and get a glimpse of just how much scope the rigid heddle loom offers.


Upcoming Classes


Learn to Weave (Workshop 1)

In Workshop 1, as well as covering all the very necessary basics (technical loom stuff, warping, throwing and so on), you can also expect to create a piece of handwoven fabric of your very own design by the end of your 3 hours!

The goal for Workshop 1 is to make enough gorgeous, unique woven fabric to make your own useful and beautiful project bag made by The Little Grey Girl (for an additional fee)

Dates: 19th May - SOLD OUT, 16th June - SOLD OUT, 14th July - SOLD OUT, 1st September - SOLD OUT, 14th September - PLACES AVAILABLE

Location: Tribe Yarns, Richmond, London


A bit of texture (Workshop 2)

In this workshop we’ll be exploring the joy of mixed weft weaving, using a variety of fibre preparations including different weights of yarn, wool roving, ribbon and fabric.  There may even be some pompoms!  

The warping of the rigid heddle looms will be based on the techniques learnt in Workshop 1, but instead of creating a Project Bag, this time we will create a beautiful sampler piece of mixed-media wall-art to be hung in pride of place at home!

Dates: 2nd June - SOLD OUT, 21st July - 2 SPACES AVAILABLE

Location: Tribe Yarns, Richmond, London


A step Further (Workshop 3)

In this class we'll be warping the looms in a similar way to the previous two classes, but with an emphasis on creating a warp-based pattern

We will be creating bespoke sampler placemats incorporating several different styles of pick-up patterns and colourwork, such as:

· Basic plaid pattern
· Houndstooth plaid
· Weft Floats
· Warp Floats

Dates: 30th June - SOLD OUT, 28th July - SOLD OUT

Location: Tribe Yarns, Richmond, London

Wonderful Creativity from Workshops 1 & 2 so far…


and just a couple of the bags made from the woven fabric