Reviews and Testimonials


“Nicky brings her considerable skills and talent to her classes and manages to carefully build your confidence in the basics while infecting you with her excitement for all the possibilities that weaving holds. Hugely enjoyable.”

Andrea, London, June 2019

“What an amazing blanket!! I just received my alchemy blanket in the mail and it is aptly named - Nicky has transformed my leftovers into something so beautiful, it really is magical. I live in Canada and it was no bother to send my yarn. Nicky is a true artist. Let her weave your scraps into an heirloom.” 

Karen Lam, Canada, June 2017

“What an amazing blanket made out of my leftovers and minis-Want more more more!”

Karen Page, USA, December 2017

`’It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! I have no words at the moment, period….. I just can’t get over it…. I just love it so much.”

AL, USA, April 2018

“It has just arrived in my hands… it is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much!”

SH, UK, April 2019

”Nicky, I’m speechless! Thank you so much for your handiwork - it will be treasured forever!”

LLY, USA, June 2018

“This blanket is so amazing! We will definitely be ordering another one!”

AM, USA, September 2017

“Dear Nicky, what can I say.... it's just beautiful! 50 thousand THANK YOU's you clever little sausage you.”

SB, UK, August 2017

“Oh my word Nicky!!! The blanket is even more amazing than I thought it was!! I've had it draped around me all night, it's sooo soft and drapey. I adore it!! Thank you so much x”

LG, UK, June 2017